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A Walk in the Woods

I recently learned that we have eleven places in the U.S. that are permanent fly-free zones. While many of the areas are off limits for safety and security reasons, as you’d suspect, there are also some other more surprising no-fly zones. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is a million acres of pure, stunning, quiet nature [...]

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Improving the Details

Watching the Mariners play at Safeco, your (grand)children playing little league, memories of watching or listening to a big game with your parents when you were young – baseball has been a little (or lot!) part of our lives. Growing up, I have fond memories of my father always turning on the radio when the [...]

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If you have had a chance to meander around the Stump Farm while visiting the White Raven Financial office, you may have noticed the Forest Stewardship sign. Some years ago, Mike and I had the opportunity to attend an excellent Washington State University extension course on Forest Stewardship Coached Planning. The course helped us to [...]

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The Pace of Change

It is a vast understatement to say that technology has changed our world. Every facet of our lives is impacted and embedded in it in so many ways that most of us never could have imagined. From the personal to the professional, there is only one constant and that is change. Cisco Systems CEO John [...]

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Spring Blossoms

Spring has finally shown her sunny smile and with blooming flowers and baby animals (one of our ducklings pictured!) comes a blossoming company as well. In mid-April White Raven Financial made the decision to apply to the state of WA for acceptance as an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Becoming an independent RIA meant ending [...]

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There’s an App For That

Clever apps are giving us the opportunity to do all sorts of things with our smart phones these days - ordering dinner, tracking mileage, measuring the thickness of windows (I know!), and helping us reach our goals. The Wall Street Journal recently published a story on How Your Phone Can Keep You From Spending (requires [...]

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A compass & a map

Last month I joined a slew of adventuresome folks, including my daughter, in the Wicked Winter AR and Navigation Race at the Teanaway Community Forest. The navigation race involved running around in snowshoes using a map and compass to locate various checkpoints. We had a whole lot of fun, but it could have been an exercise in futility. [...]

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