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We all dream of a few big adventures in our retirement. Diane?s husband Mike set his heart on Mt. Kilimanjaro and convinced her to take the journey along with him. The story of how White Raven Financial?s donation of boots to Kilimanjaro porters begins . . . .


As part of a life-long pursuit of outdoor adventure, including hiking, scrambling, and ice climbing, in March of 2012 Diane and Mike headed to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa?s Tanzania. During the 7-day, 50 mile roundtrip trek to Mt Kilimanjaro?s Uhurur Peak at 19,337 feet and back down again, they spent a fair amount of time getting to know the porters that carried their extra gear. With packs more than twice as heavy as any of the intrepid travellers, the porters sang and told the history of the mountain and its people ? with many wearing ill-fitting, threadbare footwear. Having had the luxury of good quality, fitted boots throughout their many mountain climbs, and knowing the aches and pains that come with hiking long distances regardless of the best boots, Diane was appalled at the situation. She was inspired to do something about it.

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