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White Raven Financial Services? name is inspired by the BC’s coastal nations? legend of Raven giving light to the world. Raven symbolizes creation, knowledge and prestige. He is wise, crafty and helpful.

Making the change from a successful career as a computer programmer and analyst to following my passion for finance and investments was a difficult and rewarding journey. When it came time to start my own company, I wanted a name that would both remind me of the journey as well as evoke what would be unique and valued about the company.

Of the many varied legends about Raven, on how Raven turned white was always a favorite of mine . . .

There was a time when darkness covered the earth; the sun had been stolen. After much searching, Raven found the sun. With the sun in Raven’s bill, Raven began the long journey to return the sun, turning white during the trip due to the brightness of the sun.

So White Raven Financial Services was born, a company that takes a journey with its clients to successfully find that which they?re searching for. Embodying the spirit of creation, knowledge, prestige, wisdom, helpfulness and even, when appropriate, craftiness, that symbolizes the Raven.

White Raven Financial has grown since its inception in 2005, and still the spirit of the Raven that inspired the company?s beginning continues to thrive each day.